New line of detergents and additives for cleaning and care of fabrics


Washing fabrics is a delicate and complex operation that requires perfect knoledge of the features of the materials and the most appropriate ways to treat them.

We’re always engaged in R&D to study the various types of materials and washing procedures. The identification of the most suitable raw materials for a proper washing is a keyl process in our work, combined with our attention for the environmental impact.

The detergents and additives of our line allow to obtain high performance even at low temperatures


Fragrant enzymatic liquid detergent for washing machine.

Highly concentrated professional enzymatic liquid detergent for washing machine, suitable for both white and colored garments with stubborn stains. Especially recommended for low (30°C) and medium (60°C) temperature wash cycles.


Universal perfumed detergent for washing machines

Super concentrated professional liquid detergent for washing machines formulated to remove all types of dirt in the laundry. Also used at low temperatures, this detergent has been designed to protect the fibers and facilitate ironing.


Concentrated detergent for wool and delicate garments by hand and in the washing machine

Creamy liquid and pleasantly scented detergent, formulated with special surfactants specific for wool and the most delicate fibers. Softeners and other components allow even to remove heavy dirt without felting the fabric.


Concentrated sanitizing softener for washing machines

Concentrated softener studied with highly biodegradable raw materials. It has antistatic and regenerating functions for the fibers. It leaves a pleasant and persistent scent.


Complete and atomised washing machine detergent

It is a powder detergent designed for use in a mechanical washing machine. It is particularly rich of active substances, very suitable for the elimination of greasy dirt even in very hard water. It is usable both in washing and pre-washing cylces.


Neutralizing additive for professional washing machines

Neutralizing acid additive for washing machines. It reduces PH during rinsing cycle after using a highly alkaline detergent.


Acqua Ossigenata 35% for professional washing machines

Used in the washing cycle of professional washing machines in the whitening phase. Thanks to its “oxidizing” power, that is to form oxygen, it is used to pre-treat stains and eliminate bad odors from fabrics.


Super degreasing additive for washing machines

Concentrated scented liquid detergent for washing tablecloths, sheets, work clothes and rags in the washing machine. It degreases and removes the most difficult stains of oil, grease from all fabrics. Safe on white and coloured fabrics.


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