TIEFFE Chemical solving has developed a line for the hygiene of surfaces for environments such as restaurants, schools, hotels, offices, companies …



CIDE 170

Self-drying surface cleaner

Alcohol-based rapid evaporation liquid formulation for the hygiene of surfaces and equipment. It can be used on stainless steel, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, nylon, glass.



CIDE 175

Alcohol-based cleaner

High evaporation universal degreasing sanitizer for hygiene and deep cleaning of all food surfaces and equipment.

CIDE 176

Ready to use for hard surfaces

Medical surgical device with alcohol-based disinfectant action (70.4% w / w) for all washable objects and surfaces.


Concentrate for hard surfaces medical surgical device with disinfectant action

Suitable for the disinfection of hard surfaces in the food and beverage sector and other applications related to food, critical institutional structures such as healthcare companies, schools, offices, sports facilities and industrial areas.


Hydrogen peroxide based detergent

Ready-to-use detergent suitable for nebulizing surfaces. It performs a cleansing action, eliminating bad odors.

The products of the line can be used here:


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Barber shop



Aree industriali

Impianti sportivi

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