manutenzione filtri fap / dpf

FAP / DPF filter cleaning and maintenance

FAP CLEANER it is a product formulated to solve cleaning problems of fap / dpf filters on diesel engine vehicles. it is a product not containing despite the cars of the latest generation are all equipped with internal cleaning system for the removal of carbon deposits, it often happens that for short distances the system does not reach the ideal values for starting the cleaning cycle and the accumulation of deposits inside far / dpf, in a long run, requires a special maintenance.


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Why to choose FAP CLEANER?

Direction for proper use


Schermata 2016-09-06 alle 11.13.13Disassemble the filter from the vehicle



filtro fap
Filter immersion

Vertically immerse the filter inside a tank (tall and narrow) and fill it up with FAP CLEANER.
The level of liquid should be 10 cm more than the FAP/DPF filter. Leave it immersed for min. 50 minutes (for partially clogged filters) up to a few hours (for completely clogged filters).



icona filtro
Liquid extraction and filter draining

Remove the filter from the tank. Let the filter drain over the tank and collect the drained liquid.
FAP CLEANER after a standard use can be recovered and re-used for the cleaning of EGR valves.



icona pulizia filtro
Rinsing phase with high pressure water

Rinse throughtly at low pressure.
Finalize with high pressure rinsing.
(The product contains a foam marker to indicate that rinsing is complete when foam is no longer present).


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