The detergents aimed to HORECA field, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Cafes, are designed for professional users and are made in a concentrated and ready-to-use way. Therefore they guarantee a perfect effectiveness of application to meet any cleaning and sanitization need as well as the long-lasting protection and  maintenance of equipment and machinery.


A complete range of detergents for the brewery and the brewery dedicated to cleaning, sanitizing and descaling surfaces in contact with the beer fermentation process. We have studied solutions that save time, water and electricity during the maintenance phases.


A complete range of cleaning products for all different cleaning needs. The line counts different references formulated for the most different professional cleaning uses, including: detergents, degreasers, descalers, disinfectants, sanitizers, hand soaps, dish cleansers, deodorants, ready-to-use cleaners, laundry products, super-concentrated products. The formulas are designed to reduce cleaning times and optimize the operators work.


The detergents and additives of our line allow to obtain high performance even at low temperatures, saving management costs. Washing fabrics is a delicate and complex operation that requires perfect mastery of the characteristics of the material and the most appropriate ways to treat it. Always engaged in research that has as its objective the study of the various types of materials and washing procedures.


Professional detergents for car and vehicle washing in Self-Service systems, a range dedicated to automatic carwash and new car wash systems with ground operator. It includes products designed, manufactured and tested to best solve all the situations that can be created according to the type of water (recycled, hard, sweet…). Thanks to the numerous continuous tests carried out with the sector operators, appropriate and effective products are obtained with particular care for the contact of pump and part systems.


A range of professional degreasers for cleaning mechanical parts from oil and encrusted grease are an effective and specific solution for cleaning engine parts, gearboxes, injectors, turbines, carburetors and every component of the engine heads. The repair shop cleaning solutions are completed with professional, concentrated or ready-to-use detergents and degreasers. A range of absorbent granules useful for the removal of grease and oils and all the products necessary for cleaning offices and toilets.


Professional chemicals for the recovery of the external and internal surfaces of buildings. Dehumidification,  treatment of mold on stone,  waterproofing protections, floor cleaning and  removal of graffiti and writing on walls.


Cleaning and maintenance products for the care of floors, walls, terraces and all surfaces. High quality detergents and protective agents, unblockers, anti-limescale treatment, protection and maintenance of metal surfaces, stainless steel, ceramics and natural stones. From the strongest and most aggressive detergents to clean external surfaces or remove building site residues and stains, to special formulas for the most delicate surfaces, such as parquet, marble and natural stone. A range of professional detergent, protective and anti-mold products.


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